Bride and groom in a dip, kissing while guests hold sparklers around them in two lines surrounding a path

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your lives. And the right DJ makes all the difference when it comes to creating an unforgettable celebration. But being a great DJ is more than just playing music. Look for these must-have qualities in your Rhode Island wedding DJ.


Bride and groom in a dip, kissing while guests hold sparklers around them in two lines surrounding a path


Top qualities in a wedding DJ

When it comes to finding the right DJ/MC for your wedding, it all starts with professionalism. While your cousin might drop some solid tracks at the family reunion, you need an experienced, reliable entertainment professional who can read the room, engage your guests, and keep your reception running on time. Also, a knowledgeable wedding DJ guides you through planning your reception timeline and offers proven suggestions for elevating the reception experience.

You want a DJ who knows how to listen and picks up on what’s truly important to you. These are the first important steps in effective communication.  And you should be able to reach your DJ with questions and ideas and reliably receive prompt responses.

Rounding out the top three qualities of an exceptional wedding DJ is the ability to successfully collaborate.  Look for a DJ who enjoys thinking outside the box and can help you find ways to customize your day. Your entertainment pro should also work well with other wedding vendors, especially your day-of coordinator, venue manager and photographer.

Remember, your DJ is also your MC and that requires coordination with other wedding pros. Teamwork keeps things running smoothly and ensures your photographer captures all the awesome memories.


Does your wedding DJ have these other qualities?

It’s a given you want a wedding DJ who honors your “must play” and “do not play” lists. But someone with strong musical knowledge takes your “must plays” and weaves a memory-making reception soundtrack. Your DJ should appreciate all genres of music and be comfortable mixing them into a seamless set.

You also want a DJ who invests in state-of-the-art equipment that produces full bodied sound in an unobtrusive fashion. And there’s always a backup system waiting in the wings. In addition to first-class sound, you also want top of the line dance floor lighting. And don’t forget your ceremony sound needs. A professional DJ has you covered – even with photo booth rental services to take your celebration to the next level.


Personal(ity) qualities that count with your DJ/MC

Skills and experience are important when selecting Rhode Island wedding entertainment. But there are also a couple of personal qualities to consider. One you should find in every professional disc jockey, while the other is more of a match with your personal vibe.

Wedding planning can be tricky business and there are always last minute changes. You want to work with a DJ who understands the nature of live events and the importance of being flexible when it comes to planning and execution. That flexibility is an important quality when the family decides to do an impromptu dance to a favorite track.

Finally, selecting a professional wedding DJ has a lot to do with personality. Some couples prefer a high energy DJ while others enjoy someone more laid back. Whatever the personality, your DJ should always have a positive, polite and engaging attitude, both during your planning sessions as well as on your wedding day. And that attitude should extend to your guests as well.

A professional wedding DJ does more than provide memorable entertainment. Your DJ serves as a valuable planning partner. And that pro’s calm, supportive presence provides you with priceless peace of mind. To start planning entertainment for your Rhode Island wedding, let’s connect.